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Unify Skin Tone


Irregular pigmentation: causes and stimuli.

The skin gets its color from a brown pigment called melanin. The cells responsible for their synthesis are found in the epidermis and are called melanocytes.

Melanin protects the skin from solar radiation and is generally distributed evenly. However, on certain occasions, we can find color changes in areas exposed to the sun that are associated with irregular or excessive production. This fact causes uneven skin tone and even the appearance of unsightly skin blemishes, signs of photoaging and cell DNA damage.


The overproduction of melanin is known as hyperpigmentation and its origin can be multifactorial:

  • Inflammation of the skin (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).
  • Use of certain medicine (such as minocycline, certain cancer chemotherapies and birth control pills).
  • Diseases of the hormonal system (eg Addison's disease).
  • Hemochromatosis (iron overload).
  • Sun exposure (overstimulation of melanocytes).
  • Pregnancy (melasma or pregnancy mask).


Efélides (Freckles)

Age Spots (Lentigos)



Small spots that appear since the childhood and increase with the age. They usually appear in areas exposed to the sun and decrease or disappear during winter. They usually appear in people with low phototypes. Associated with UV radiation.

Age Spots. 

Oval or round spots that usually appear after 30 - 40 years. They are larger than freckles (2 to 20 mm) and do not usually disappear in winter. They are associated with UV radiation.


Disease that produces symmetrical spots mainly on the face. It usually appears in people with high phototypes. Associated with hormonal changes.

Our recommendation

Through the use of the Iqualogy White line we will achieve a skin without blemishes throughout the year (non-photosensitizing products) thanks to its 5 actions:

  • It prevents the appearance of new spots.
  • Clarifies existing stains.
  • Reduces the size of the spots.
  • Unifies the skin tone.
  • Illuminates the skin of the face.

he synergy of its novel assets offers us a 360º Action capable of acting in the 5 main phases of the skin pigmentation process:


Marine extract proceeding from a seaweed belonging to the Dictyotaceae family that acts on the genes that control the key mechanisms involved in the pigmentation of the skin.


Increases the hydration and brings elasticity and flexibility to the skin.


Vitamin B3

Active that helps to eliminate skin blemishes by providing a more uniform skin tone.

WHITE 360º

Complex originating from pea extract that blocks melanin synthesis.


Strong antioxidant that comes from olives that blocks the sun stimulus to the melanocytes, avoiding melanin oxidation and protecting DNA from UV rays.


The Iqualogy White line is indicated for:

  • Skin with a propensity to hyperpigmentation: people with genetic inheritance or strong hormonal alterations, which have a greater tendency to hyperpigmentation.
  • Skin with a lack of regular tone: people who, by age, excess sun or post-acne marks do not have a regular tone.
  • Stain prevention: people with special concern for having unified skin tone and without imperfections all year.
  • Daily treatment complementary to other routines: people undergoing more aggressive depigmenting dermatological treatments that require daily supportive treatment.

Iqualogy White use protocol

The ideal treatment to unify skin tone consists of cleaning, restoring skin balance and sun protection.

1. Cleaning: morning and night.

Corrective Micellar Lotion

3 in 1: cleans, removes makeup and clears the skin of the face, neck and neckline. It is formulated without soap, so it is suitable for sensitive skin and can also be used in the eye area.

2. Restore skin balance: morning and night.

Intensive Skin Tone Unifying: intensive action.

Ultralight fluid texture serum. Its formula has a high concentration of active ingredients, whose synergy helps to clarify existing skin blemishes and unify skin tone.

Skin Tone Unifying Fluid: moisturising action.

Hydrates and helps to unify skin tone. Its texture is light, quickly absorbed and matte finish, making it ideal for oily skin.

Skin Tone Unifying Cream SPF30

Moisturising cream with enriched texture that prevents further the appearance of new spots thanks to its high SPF 30 sun protection. In addition, it acts by attenuating existing ones to achieve a unified skin tone.

3. Sun protection: daily (reapply every 2-3 hours).

From Laboratorios Babé, we always highlight the value of prevention and the best way to help prevent hyperpigmentation of the skin is the use of sunscreens (high or very high SPF) and control sun exposure. Above all, be aware that, given changes in the shape and/ or color of the spots, we must go to the dermatologist soon to be able to prevent possible complications.