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Daily Care for Baby and Kid Skin


The main distinguishing feature of infant skin is that it is in the development phase; in other words, the skin is the body’s largest organ which continues to develop, even after birth, reaching maturity during puberty. This means that the youngest of skin is more sensitive and vulnerable than adult skin, and also, it has a greater predisposition to suffering specific dermatological conditions.

Characteristics of Baby Skin:

  • As infant skin is thinner than adult skin, the skin’s barrier function is altered, making it more vulnerable and permeable. This, and the fact that the skin surface to body mass ratio is higher in children, means that there is more contact with potential irritating external agents.
  • In the case of babies, the pH is higher (6 - 6.5), which is why it is important to adapt to it. Nevertheless, it decreases over time, settling between 4.5 and 6, as the skin acidity improves the correct function of the skin.
  • The immune system is underdeveloped. This peculiarity, together with the fact that the outermost skin layer is very thin, makes infant skin susceptible to developing infections.
  • The sweat glands are not fully functional. This means that the hydrolipid layer is underdeveloped in its lipid content, which increases skin dehydration in infants.
  • As the number of melanocytes is lower compared to in adults, the natural sun defences are reduced.

All these characteristics mean that the skin of the baby and the child is not capable of exercising an adequate protective function, is more vulnerable to solar radiation and external aggressions, and also becomes more easily dehydrated.

In addition, there are associated dermatopathologies associated with this stage of life. Some of them are very common such as the appearance of cradle cap on the scalp, atopic dermatitis or diaper rash.

In BABÉ we have developed a line of pediatric dermocosmetic products exclusively for pediatric use, which covers all daily and specific needs for hygiene, care and child protection.

As baby and child skin is very different to adult skin, it should also be cared for in a special way, using products which are especially designed for it.

Daily Care.
Products for daily care that contribute to strengthening the natural protection of the skin of the little ones:

Specific Care.

Products for specific care act as aid treatments and prevention of the most common conditions of this stage of life:

Sun protection.

Sun care products guarantee total skin protection against damage caused by sun exposure:

  • Pediatric Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+
  • Pediatric Sunscreen Spray SPF 50+

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